Santa Cruz Mustang Club (a.k.a. “SCMC”)

                                                      Rules and Guidelines

    SCMC wants to ensure a fun and safe environment for all members and event attendees please take note of the following rules and guidelines for attending all SCMC events:

  1.  SCMC has annual dues of $30 per member. This will be put towards all admin expenses (i.e. cards, flyers so forth), and to help with an annual BBQ and Holiday party. Each January 1st, dues in the amount of $30 are due (spouses included). June 1st to December 31st each year, the dues are reduced to $15, with renewal beginning the following January 1st at $30. This also entitles you a member card that will allow you discounts throughout Santa Cruz from our Vendor List.

  2. SCMC is a member only club for those who own any type of Ford Mustang. Each Member is allowed to invite 1 guests per any event. Further guests will have to be approved by the President of the Club. Members are responsible for ensuring that each guest understands the rules and guidelines. Each guest is responsible for paying costs/fees that might be associated with that event, should there be such costs/fees.

  3. Cruises are exactly that, “cruises”, so please keep in mind, no racing or jockeying during cruises. 

  4. Please keep to the posted speed limit as much as possible. Please use common sense when cruising and  passing.

  5. SCMC does not condone burnouts, excessive engine revving, or reckless driving. We do not want our group to draw attention based on the vehicles we drive, but for the love and understanding of the Mustang. We want to promote respect for the Mustang and for the people who drive it.

  6. When attending other club’s events, their rules and regulations shall apply. A lead person in the SCMC will be appointed and therefore will be the contact person for information. The lead person for the SCMC is the one who in turn will contact the lead of the other club for instructions on how to proceed for their event. Please do not make contact with the other clubs and ask for instructions, we will have those for you. This is to prevent overloading questions to the clubs and taking control of their event. This is something we DO NOT want to do. We want to participate when invited and have fun with everyone!

  7. The SCMC is not responsible for any liability or damages that may occur to you or your vehicle during any cruise or event. You are fully responsible for the safety of your guests, vehicle and yourself.

  8. SCMC reserves the right and can revoke your  membership at any time.    

  9. PLEASE REMEMBER: SCMC was developed and designed for Mustang owners to come together to share their experiences, camaraderie, fellowship, and passion for the Mustang. This is a safe place to come and ask questions, post about your Mustang or any relevant information that SCMC deems fit and appropriate.

  10. By reading the aforementioned and becoming a member of the Santa Cruz Mustang Club,  this constitutes my acknowledgment of the rules and guidelines set hereof.

  11. Attached here is the "SCMC" By-Laws adopted 11/14/2018